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@Authoritimmy @dbcooper oh my god i wish i had a computer with windows 10 AND office on it now to give that a shot

Hmm I was going to say that I don't either, but then I remembered that I close that pop-up that says welcome to office every time I start up, so it's impossible to say whether I have it or not

@Authoritimmy @dbcooper yeah work computer is windows 7 and like im going to fuckin pay money for office at home lmaoooooo

I might be able to get work to pay for a copy of windows for me since they haven't bought me a laptop. But then I would have to boot windows daily, and I think I'd rather live with using the web app for emails

@Authoritimmy posting screenshots of running shell scripts in word would be fucking hilarious tho ngl

I've been working on trying to get Linux running in a PS2 emulator in windows for the worst possible VM experience

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