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lookit this art of my warforged monk and my gf's kenku ranger that @saturnoc did

they're boyfriends

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just downloaded the Lancer player handbook. Time to do worldbuilding for communist gundam.


this thing would make an outstanding voidsent for my insufferable tiny man

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commissioning art of my lalafell as a reaper except instead of the voidsent ghost thing he's manifesting DePiglio

nsfw, lewd, explicit, there's exposed genitals in this pic 

ooh she thicc

anyone got any fiction/horror podcast recs? Im fresh out and need something to fill the time on todays 10 hour shift

Telling people "mask up, snowflake" really confuses them

abstaining from getting vaccinated so my Large Stupid Heavenly Father recognizes my DNA and doesn't send me to eeby deeby when I kick it

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can't get over how much conservative culture war stuff boils down to "hey what if God is a fucking moron"

I love how my fc has immediately transformed into a bunch of irate withdrawn spoiler hounds in spite of the fact every one of them has spent the last six months ravenously consuming dev interviews and datamined stuff for Endwalker

the fuck am I spoiling the Reaper class quest, you people all hopped in to do it midnight last night.

on the one hand, every dps is reaper and every healer is sage, to varying degrees of effectiveness.

on the other hand it is prime season for levelling a tank.

ffxiv endwalker more like some of you should end your play session and walk yourself into bed

idk just I look at Reaper and I see a scythe and go "on they sure do look like they do physical dps". I look at sage and I go "Oh lookit those floaty gun wand things I wonder what *that* class does"

sage strikes me as a bit more interesting since it's very clearly trying to set itself up as Green DPS as opposed to "I'm a healer but..."

reaper sure is an okay class that exists in final fantasy 14.

i know i say this roughly three times every day but it continues to amaze me how many people's ability to engage with fiction begins and ends at 'if it depicts something, that means the author agrees with that something'

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What if we put a gangster's head on top of an evil pig's body! 

It'd look something... like this!

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