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lookit this art of my warforged monk and my gf's kenku ranger that @saturnoc did

they're boyfriends

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eugen is going to remove the posting feature so we stop making fun of him

@Manurweibling compelling a dragon to land and ask me to fucking run that one by them again

Skyrim is a game where it's plot-critical to shout slurs at a dragon

using an Elder Scroll to see back in time to where people thought it was okay to say anti-dragon slurs so you can learn what the slurs were

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me, a large, majestic, clean dragon: *exists*

you mfers: 'sup, stinky little Kobold??

“why does my throat hurt” I say, standing outside filling a car tire while it’s 85F out and I have food poisoning and my watch is beeping at me about near-hazardous air quality

caveman: i will eat a mix of proteins, fats, and carbohydrates

god: i will eat glass and copmobile tires

in caveman times, wearing cargo shorts helped men discourage tiger attacks when they went out hunting

cum pressure in my dick is gonna get so low im gonna climax with my dick in a cup of water and suck the whole thing up into my prostate

honestly chocobos are easily one of the top 5 fantasy creatures

like i know it's just a fluffy velociraptor but you say that as if that isn't, in and of itself, an incredible design

speaking of metroid, I gotta find a copy of Scurge to play on my 3DS at some point

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metroid fusion good, actually

also fusion suit rad as hell

I should play something besides Skyrim, a game that actively rots my brain the way that weird PSAs about television said cartoons would, but for real

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