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lookit this art of my warforged monk and my gf's kenku ranger that @saturnoc did

they're boyfriends

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me: having gotten BLM to 80, I should really work on a different kind of class to open up the other role quests

also me: oh darn here I go leveling and gearing exclusively Summoner now

At the end of the dinner I thanked him and he either gave me a job at a university or told Kim Jong Un to nuke my house specifically. Hard to tell.

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Xi Jinping invited me over for dinner the other night and I was severely upset when he immediately threw me into either a work camp or a brand new apartment building and then either forced me into backbreaking labor or else gave me a free college education and I then either was the subject of vivisection or the state decided to foot the bill for my needs and a good number of my wants during the pandemic. It was very confusing.

authoritarian forms of execution:
— guillotine (used by jacobins)
— firing squad (used by tankies)
— electrocution (used by the american state)
— any kind of poison (the medical industry is capitalist)

good, non-problematic forms of execution:
— fire ants
— snake pit
— giant carnivorous plant
— getting sucked off too hard
— un-cw'd thanos hog

still lmaoing that was like "wow abolish the minneapolis police is on the table becase of our great city council! this is why you gotta vote, people" (this did not happen) a year later

@georgespolitzer quoting a quote from the article:

“Well, China is a market economy, and it’s a vibrant market economy. But it is not a capitalist country. Here’s why: there’s no way a group of billionaires could control the Politburo as billionaires control American policy-making. So in China you have a vibrant market economy, but capital does not rise above political authority. Capital does not have enshrined rights. In America, capital — the interests of capital and capital itself — has risen above the American nation. The political authority cannot check the power of capital. That’s why America is a capitalist country, and China is not.”

“The Communist Party never ceded the power that they sacrificed so much to obtain. Conversely, the Western working classes never even tasted power, just concessions. Sadly, it was more than enough to subdue them. After revolutionary discipline was eroded into an anachronism, a whole mythology came into being. It pandered to the worst vices of western working classes: self-flattery and white supremacy. Armies of well-paid academics rewrote the history of the 20th century, and portrayed the doomed supplicant approach as a work of anti-authoritarian genius.”

I need to show off my Summoner glamour when I finally get that class to 70 and can use it instead of uh, cheating and using it on BLM

"There is no reason to suspect the US would spend less energy and fewer resources on demonizing Saddam Hussein, a man who used to be their anti-communist hatchet-man in the region, than they will on China. Consider the following proven lies against Saddam Hussein, preceding his overthrow in 2003:

- Nayirah Testimony,
- The Human Shredder,
- Weapons of Mass Destruction, and
- Links to 9/11, Osama Bin Laden, and Al Qaeda.

Now consider that, with China, the stakes are much higher. China is economically, militarily, and ideologically a more formidable rival. Our skepticism should be commensurately higher. Surely, from the perspective of a propagandist, however many stories were invented about Saddam Hussein, it would be expedient to make up at least as many about China (more realistically, an order of magnitude more). So, which have you identified?"

lmao i literally forgot adrian zenz worked for the victims of communism foundation i was distracted by all the other reasons you should disregard everything he says

at that point we can just make it one slide that says "Britain: it sucked, folks. and it made the world an immeasurably worse place."

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"why would you wanna have to make more" it's not that I want more work necessarily it's that it's less work to explain in-depth why it's important to the class (literally modern British literature) than it is to try and boil down the existence of a colonial project that existed for roughly four hundred fucking years and, to some extent, still exists today.

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i'm so wildly burned out i'm just gonna paraphrase the wikipedia entry idc, four fucking slides for the entire british empire.

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yay i get to fit a history of the british empire on like four powerpoint slides

i'm gonna shit

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