I remember when Final Fantasy VII was going to be for the N64 and I saw some images in Nintendo Power of what the character models were going to look like and folks I am glad they did not do that.

harvesting an insane amount of power using runes

No matter how you feel about the new Sabrina reboot it conflates Satanism with the worship of Lucifer and also Baphomet for some reason, and folks that is whack.

Humans love chocolate because the brown coloration evokes our deep love of shidding.

If you don't pick your nose and eat it you're a cop.

boost to support carrying a cat around with you so you can use its tail as a moustache

Reasons no one engages with my toots, in order of likelihood:

- not many people on the instance

- my toots are bad

- my toots are fine but they dislike me for other reasons

- my toots are very bad

a gender reveal party where you cut into the cake and the knife hits some kind of... solid object? jesus how hard is this thing... how am I even supposed to cut this cake? carol where the fuck did you even get this thing from, this can't be edible.... wait.... do you *hear* something? what is that? what in the fuck alright let's see what's in this thing... within the ruined carcass of The Cake sits an impossibly perfect Obelisk, rigid, calm and still and yet seeming to...

lotta boomer types say kurt cobain killed rock and roll and while i'm not a big nirvana fan i do appreciate him doing that.

don't tell me you didn't bring your dulcimer hammers.

Sharknado but with dogs...... "Barknado".........

when you shit so good that they have to cancel the bathroom

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