if you haven't seen the thread of bodybuilders arguing about how many days there are in a week before, Please do yourself a favour and read it, i swear to fuck every single time i go through it i nearly throw up laughing so hard

[CW for r-slurs]

@esvrld it's just such a catastrophic failure of a thread and i love it to death and back i hope absolutely nothing else of human civilisation survives


I have been on the Internet since 1987-ish.

Never--NEVER--have I seen a thread that exceeds this fine example of... of... whatever the *hell* this is.

@mwlucas I'm so glad I could be the one to share this with you

@DeltaFlood ...... i....... i read that and i have no idea if that person is really that stubborn and refusing to admit wrongness...... or if they're playing the poe.....?

I are confuse.

@DeltaFlood I was done by page two, but no??? They're still arguing??????? Whaaaat??????

@DeltaFlood @mikelynch They’re called fencepost errors because that’s what you want to bang your head against by page three.

@DeltaFlood I can't believe this is viewable to this day on its original forum and isn't just a set of screenshots by now.

@DeltaFlood this is why I work out yesterday and tomorrow, but never today. Always look at the weights and say "eh, tomorrow".

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