anyway while we're all talking about maps here's the best tumblr post ever made

@DeltaFlood I think usage of flat here is incorrect. Flat doesnt have to have a 0 degree tilt relative to earth core. You could just flatten the surface without re-abgling the whole crust which would be much more efficient and wouldn't result in any change in mass.

@Wraptile @DeltaFlood Yeah, I agree. Obviously the ideal flat Kansas would have a tilt of 90 degrees, effectively making some highways into space elevators.

@DeltaFlood I feel this post viscerally because I've driven across Kansas and it's such a weird experience. You never seem to be going up hill but by the Colorado border you're at like 5k feet above sea level, which is enough to really feel the altitude.

The State of Kansas is an anomaly that should be normalized

@Timmy @DeltaFlood Well, maybe the borders, if any, of the true Americans should have been kept. That'll be normalization.

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