any weather above 20°C is cancelled. i've had enough of this shit

i am become liquid (Not for sexual reasons)

@ItsMorgan @DeltaFlood catch me outside with a T shirt on when it's 2C, can you do that O tropical twink

@ItsMorgan @DeltaFlood exactly. 30C is for coffee I've forgotten to drink, not people

@ItsMorgan @DeltaFlood Morgan at what point do you say "boy, it's actually hot out today"

@melissasage @DeltaFlood its not really such a big deal unless the wind is hot. when the wind is hot it gets really annoying. but as long as its not humid i survive (it is often humid)

@ItsMorgan @DeltaFlood I don't really know what dry heat feels like bc I am never more than a few miles from the Fucking Atlantic

@melissasage @DeltaFlood dry heat is kinda nice actually. like a dry sauna except everywhere

@ItsMorgan @melissasage reading this thread makes me want to bury myself in ice for a thousand years

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