i know it's not dregday yet or anything but i'm going through my old boy horror tag on tumblr and i just have to inflict these on someone

@DeltaFlood Well that was... something.

Brb, I think I threw up a little in my mouth, multiple times.

@DeltaFlood this whole thread is all kinds of horrific, thank you for sharing

A necessary addition, lewd meant that took me too long to understand 

@DeltaFlood always amazed by the fact they really believe these are normal things to say.

« I will study the issue further », uuuuugh...

@DeltaFlood you see you shouldn't have thought about any of these because it's all insane

@DeltaFlood This was honestly one of the best thread I've seen on fediverse since 2017.

@DeltaFlood please continue thinking about and sharing things like this
if you do I will make you my girlfriend which comes with many bonuses a healthy adult like you will surely enjoy


@DeltaFlood "will u nurse my seeds and grow them" is the worst way i have ever seen someone ask if they wanna fuck


Why do these men sound like fucking aliens??? "u look fertile and procreation ready" like oh my god

@DeltaFlood this is a downright kamikaze post

motherfucker even sent the contact details

@CornishRepublicanArmy @DeltaFlood if this guy was a germ and looked at a disinfectant's 99.99% kill rate, he'd 100% think he was one of the 0.01%

@DeltaFlood What do people have to smoke to think this is appropriate?

I'm a shitposting dickhead on the good days, but GOD DAMN, is there some drug for this apart from a 9mm brain suppository?

@DeltaFlood this thread dehydrated me, I look like a cartoon mummy

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