@DeltaFlood cursed. haunting. myrtle moaning discourse at all hours.

@DeltaFlood Hang on, hang on, it's obviously:

Slytherin: Stalinists (obviously evil, not even trying to hide it)
Gyrffindor: Bolsheviks (who charges headfirst into shit/revolutions without thinking things through? That's right, baby, Gyrffindor)
Ravenclaw: Gramsciists (don't even do anything, just read books, hella smart, though)
Hufflepuff: Mensheviks (can't we all just be friends, even with the Tsar?)

@DeltaFlood this tweet has the energy of those weird creatures you sometimes see on medieval manuscripts that are clearly supposed to be references to something that was important at the time but now that we don't have the context anymore just seems comically bizarre yet strangely evocative

@DeltaFlood are you trying to do a "get banned from fedi" speedrun because i think making us see this post is a great strategy for that

@DeltaFlood You could make a similar argument for capitalism. New wave globalist neo liberalism or old style nationalist capitalism.

@DeltaFlood I truly hate this post, but my mind is immediately jumping at what Maoists and dengists might be

@DeltaFlood mind control and memory altering technology is scary and blah blah but like for real there's nothing I wouldn't pay to unread/unwatch all harry potter franchise material

@DeltaFlood i especially hate how this somehow feels accurate

@DeltaFlood Alternatively:

Apple is Slytherin
Google is Slytherin
Amazon is Slytherin
Facebook is Slytherin

@DeltaFlood I am violently convulsing my body is physically rejecting letting that horrid post enter my brain

@DeltaFlood Now, tech makes absolutely no sense . Something that no one asked for 😂

@DeltaFlood I speak for everyone when I say: DON'T insult my house like that!!!!!! :comfyangery:
(not you but the post you linked, I guess that's obvious)

Imperishable Bastard, and software from which I sent this comment is Smithereen

(lol, couldn't resist)

@DeltaFlood I stopped reading after "Apple is Gryffindor," as that told me all which I needed to know about this person's worldview.

@DeltaFlood Dimitri Dadiomov more like dimitri Shut the Fuck Up. Shut UP, Dimitri, please!

@DeltaFlood beating these people over the head with a big stick while yelling "READ ANOTHER BOOK"

@DeltaFlood Good god, it's like trying to pick out flavors of Coke at the movie theater.

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