How do you pronounce the word crayon

Except in Germany where it’s just called “you are ten now”

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European school grades are like oh you’re 10? welcome to “The Vizier’s Intermission”

No such thing as ghosts those are vape clouds with unfinished business

You are vegan because you love animals and the environment. I am vegan because I hate plants. we are not the same.

anyone can start a podcast. my goal *pulling out a sword* is to stop one

DEFECTION: Mastodon instance leaves the United Federation of Instances, citing "grave concerns" about the direction of the organisation.

They say knowing is half the battle. The other half? Killing. They don't tell you that

partner just called me a little piss boy and announced their intention to do it again. mods?

*Throwing a plucked chicken at my haters* Behold, a type of guy

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