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Olivier assayas is the thinking man's len wiseman

Do u guys think adrian monk would have led a happier life if he accepted the light of jesus christ?

Faye wong's cover of dreams on the chungking express soundtrack is one of two good songs released in the 1990s (the other is Len's Steal My Sunshine). Shan't be reading any replies

Probably my biggest hater opinion about a band I really like is that more than half of patterson hood's songs on any given DBT album are pretty bad

Theres a german guy named jonny m who makes vaguely reggae-ish music in Esperanto that are mostly about how cool esperanto and veganism is. I hope he is having a good day

People are so bad at video games. I escaped from Tarkov years ago, but there are still people giving it their best effort every day

I stg if i ever see will shortz it's on sight.

The word i've used as a first guess ever time i have ever played wordle was the correct answer today. I've never felt such power

The only credible response to climate change is to create our own mecha-climate change and challenge it to single combat. But none of you are willing to admit it

Ended up with a bob-ish situation. Entering my Fun Girl era

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*columbo on the enterprise* The prime directive, huh? Sounds pretty important. I'm sure you guys are very careful not to break that one.

Not everyone know this, but the heroic Αχιλλεύς was actually usually completely blissed out on what the ancient greeks called βενζός. Several of the greatest philosophers of our own time still follow in his footsteps

A laryngeal h2 is fine, sure, I buy it. But fuck you for suggesting a 'slightly different' laryngeal h3. What does that mean???

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i have a haircut scheduled tomorrow. It will be the first time shears have been taken to my hair since december 2019. I am hoping I do not lose my ability to post due to the resulting physical weakness

Ötzi the iceman traipsing up a mountainside with half-built weapons and some useful herbs for healing and firestarting in his pockets. Most Legend of Zelda man to ever do it

You: using InDesign like a little baby, stuck in Adobe's pouch like a hideous newborn joey

Me: a SCRIBUS power user. Withholding my money from the piggish Adobe Software Corporation

*leading the mutiny on the HMS Bounty*
I sure hope my great great granddaughter doesn't die in Hurricane Sandy while sailing aboard a replica of this ship

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