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Oh, you think my opinion is bad? Name its top five albums @realtoddhoward oh yea, I was born for the floor, baby

(at the Dentists office waiting room)
me: Bernie.. Bernie..
other patients: Bernie! Bernie!
receptionist, pounding clipboard: BERNIE! BERNIE!

Elizabeth Warren chuckled. "You mean the Chaos Delegates?”

Movie idea: Jumanji, but without all those pesky animals!

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Selfie, EC 

I'm sorry bb but I had a weird morning and then I was setting up my bed and then the maintenance man came and it was too much so your makeup video got postponed till the weekend. Here's a consolation selfie 💛💛💛

Borders are a weapon and immigration control is violence

I hear this installment is going to tell us why the animals are so cross

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