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Oh, you think my opinion is bad? Name its top five albums

I got put in twitter jail for saying I hope a Nazi gets dysentery

y'all remember when Kesha made a pop hit with a 4:3 Polyrhythm that goes over the barline??

listen to We R Who We Are again, specifically the synth line and pre-chorus vocals, while counting the 4/4 measures. it's wild.

hey shut the hell yuor mouth fire fox. yo u have no fucking idea what my brain is meant for

@normalperson air traffic control heard him screaming “LORD I APOLOGIZE” just before impact

larry the cable guy brought out of a miami motel in a sleeveless body bag

SomeBODY once told me
There are two wolves inside me
I don't remember which one I've fed

Me? I would never catch feelings off of a FOSS social network. Nope, I could never become attached to someone based off of pixels on a screen and audio waves through my headphones. It could just never happen.

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Hotel California 2: Dunston Checks In But He Can’t Ever Leave

I wish there was a monster under my bed so we could do some thangs on the low

*weeping into the ocean begging the whales to save us from ourselves*

mario and sonic are stronger for the tough times that they shared

@socialskeleton Hi I grew up in Brooklyn but moved away in my adulthood, but also I would be extremely happy to write about things I don't know about for you.

mario and sonic look at all the bills on their kitchen table,and sigh, and then mario holds sonics face in his gloved hands and says "we'll make it angel"

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