y'all please double check as much stuff as you can before posting. A quick news search can tell you a lot/if those are old photos people are posting to spread misinfo.

A dude tried to show me how everyone at the protests was refusing to wear face masks by sharing a picture from a BLM protest that happened in 2016. It's ridiculous how fast people will weaponize any picture that they think will prove their point.

@Dio9sys meanwhile, Ive been to protests and I've seen very very few people without masks, and given how large these groups are getting, it's both great and surprising that I think Ive only seen like mayyybe a handful

It definitely helps that masks serve to both prevent infection and stump facial recognition so you don't get swatted after the protest is over. At a protest during a pandemic, that's a pretty sweet combo

@ItsJenNotGabby No kidding! It's amazing how many folks don't check their facts!

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