Y'all remember the Panama Papers? And how nothing happened? But now we're supposed to believe that $600/week is too much for the rest of us??

haha yeah

@ItsJenNotGabby remember how the lead journalist on the panama papers was assassinated with a car bomb and nothing has ever really come of it?

@ItsJenNotGabby a few weeks ago I saw someone "well actually" about this because the finance minister in fuckin' finland or some shit got in trouble, like, woo hoo buddy

@pig 1/152

Thats it, folks. We won. Some guy went to jail instead of the financial crimes being rectified and society becoming more equal. Wrap it up, we're done


Its a case of "too important to go to jail" I guess..

And they dont want the proletariat to believe that might and money make justice work for you..

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