trans stuff within my profession 

Im doing CEUs & this one is a peer to peer discussion on LGBT+ case studies, and they keep saying "you may not have the education to understand & competently deal with trans athletes & their specific issues, and that's ok" and like,,No? It's not. This is a failure of our education and it needs to be fixed. They are our patients; that means we need to be educated in this area.

They did say "seek out the education on your own" but like, it should BE in curricula

trans stuff within my profession 

@ItsJenNotGabby this is the end product of institutional pathologization for tens of decades, leaving health care practitioners to just kick the trans health can down the road, over and over, and say ”not our problem, send it over to the psychiatrists” — with “it” being the trans person,

lather, rinse, repeat

trans stuff within my profession 

@patience yeah. One AT was saying that spironolactone is a diuretic that can leave trans women more prone to heat illnesses and like, THATS A SUPER IMPORTANT THING TO KNOW!! It isnt something that we should be stumbling into knowing.

And given the rate of discrimination in health care for trans people, it's absolutely not ok to just shrug and say "im not comfortable" Too bad. Get comfortable. It's our damn job to be an advocate for ALL our athletes

trans stuff within my profession 

@ItsJenNotGabby i can count on both my hands the number of professional health care practitioners i’ve literally taught trans medicine 101, 201, and 301 to, going all the way back to 1995, and i did it cos i didn’t want the folks to follow me to have to do the same thing,

but this should have been pre-med 101 and not shunted away as some “““mental illness””” bullshit

trans stuff within my profession 

@patience @ItsJenNotGabby and like I get it, there aren’t *that* many of us on the ground (slightly more common than T1D) but we’re not even all that exotic, medically speaking

it’s just that the rampant pathologization teaches every provider to look at us like we’re space aliens and they couldn’t ~possibly~ know how to treat a sprain, that must be Someone Else’s specialty

trans stuff within my profession 

@patience @ItsJenNotGabby (sure, I’ll talk to my endo about it, that’ll definitely resolve my MSK problem)

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