I can't express how angry it makes me that Darius Rucker had such success with Wagon Wheel when the FAR SUPERIOR Old Crow Medicine Show version exists. Fuck off Hootie, making a good song and turning it into audio milquetoast

@ItsJenNotGabby OLD CROW MEDICINE SHOW IS SO GOOD you like Alela Diane

@Cyborgneticz @MoMartin yeah, she's fantastic. I found her about 7 years ago or so and been listening ever since

@Cyborgneticz The worst part is I like so much of his other stuff, but he just made that particular song a much worse version


I had forgotten about old crow medicine show. This post inspired me to look them up and this song is pretty good. If you aren't paying attention it just sounds like basic feel good americana but the music video doesnt pull any punches.

@Alonealastalovedalongthe @ItsJenNotGabby

Shut Up! is *the* most useful browser extension i've found (after an ad blocker). turns off comments for just about everything by default.

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