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I'm done! I wanted it to be a little eerie and menacing, but he's a cheerful fellow isn't he


@uther Ive been working a lot and my bf says he misses me since Im gone most of the day, so Ive been trying to check in periodically but still stay present when Im with him lol

Selfie ec, vaccine 

@PostMasterGeneral @phillyis @Louisa i support L-awoo-uisa
(this is stretch and I accept the consequences)

your reasoning could be “I don’t like them” and that’s fine!! You don’t have to own yourself every time you click the block button

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can’t believe people still don’t understand they can take moderation action on people and instances without posting racist screeds.


lmaoooo my baseball team is straight hot wet garbage. They got beat by thirty (30!! in HIGH SCHOOL BASEBALL) ON Monday and theyre currently losing by 14 and our pitcher has hit 3 people already. It is the 3rd inning.

Id feel bad for shit talking literal children but I had to sit here and listen to them chirp about some misogynistic shit and half of them have thin blue line merch, so fuck em

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@binchicken it is not twee nonsense unfortunately. I am so over qualified and underpaid at this job. I hate it so so much 😭😭😭

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@binchicken it's just like,,,there's overall weakness. It WILL NOT get better without the strengthening aspect. Treating the symptoms only gives temporary relief

i thought combatilism was a system where everything is decided by a trial by combat

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Love too watch the PT who is our clinic director work with an athlete and juuuust

treat the symptoms instead of the cause of the injury 🆒️🆒️🆒️

Killer cops, that kind of thing 

We are far beyond the point where you ought to be able to argue that anyone shouldn't be deathly afraid of the police.

Like you can't fail to punish them for their murders and mayhem and then ALSO expect people not to treat them like they're a potential threat to life and limb. They are.

That's the thing that pisses me off. Not just that they murder, but they expect you to still like and trust them. Fuck off

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@phillyis anyway, after looking again, I'd say 88 flat. the "1" is like what a lazy drunk person would do when finishing a receipt scribbl3

@phillyis did it pop up on the bank statement yet? That restaurant will get its tip lmao, so whatever they decided it said

Bernie Madoff died. Oh no.

Anyway, you ever wonder what kind of thoughts worms have?

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