My dearest tabitha,

We posted thru it today, although the TL was kinda boring tbh. We lost three good mufos to instance drama, a senseless loss that makes one wonder what posting is all about. Lewds are running low. The excitement over the passing of George Bush sr won’t last us thru the weekend, I fear. Hellthreads have claimed some of our most powerful posters. Pet pics sustain us now, please include a dog pic with your next correspondence, or if this ye cannot do:pls show the feet, sweetie.

@laser @JohnBrownJr

okay. no promises but this going into my text doc of backlogged content ideas. putting it right above "Great British Baking Battle Royale" which i apparently wrote down when sleepy and expected future JD to figure out. :thaenkin:

@jackdaw_ruiz @laser @JohnBrownJr
‘The drama between the instances,,, was about posting rights. It was poster against poster, brother against brother. It was a war fought by the common poster for the rights they wanted to see in the world,,, in their world.’

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