Selfie, Ec 

Anyway did y'all know I'm non-binary and hot as hell no matter which gender I am or without one altogether? Cool,

Also idk I'm still figuring it out!!!!

Anyway might try using they/them pronouns for the time, but I'm still cool with any pronouns and still conditioned to refer to my self in the he/him sense. Anyway, boosts cool but absolutely no 🙅BEING MEAN TOO ME🙅 as always ✌️

Cool. Cool coolcool!!

Selfie, Ec that's a super cute dress and you fucking rock it omg

Selfie, Ec 

@JohnBrownJr great dress great jd. TheyD

Selfie, Ec 

@JohnBrownJr love eeeverything about this look. Gives me strength to see ya rockin' it :)

Selfie, Ec 

@JohnBrownJr congrats on the gender monarch, looking great as ever

@pinkosock lol I think monarch is always good, king is usually ok, queen I think as long as it's in good faith is fine

Selfie, Ec
to no one in particular yeah you know JD? they whip

Selfie, Ec 

@JohnBrownJr hell yeah welcome to the bearded dilf they/them crew JB!!!! we're ecstatic to have you

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