The only bits of trivia for this movie are contradictory😸

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i’m gonna
i’m gonna fuckjin

i’m gonna do it

i’m gonna name my first child sega genesis

im gonna find the hidden valley and im gonna burn every last one of their ranch farms to the ground. im not putting up with that shit anymore. this ends now

I'm the author of all the Baby-Sitters Club books AMA

What if Rumplestiltskin had a beautiful voice? What if it was so beautiful it would be a mortal sin if he didn’t sing? What if, in a way, he was innocent this whole time?

Baby made me cover her up with a sheet so she could sleep and guys? it's cute

hey, dumbass keeping it tight. maybe open your mind a little, dumbass? the world could be yours if you’d only let it in

The Ring sequels are getting weirder and weirder.

vampire/shut-in solidarity against the tyranny of the sun

this was a great party, the rooms in the house where we were having the party were assigned different phases of conception, gestation and birth, and labelled with illustrations

nick di paulo got so mad about a woman’s joke on facebook that he messaged her about it

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