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I’m selling lewd-lite pics now so hit me up if you’re interested. 5 pics for $20 or 4 and a gif💖$bonjellybean

It’s 4:30 and I should’ve been in bed by now but I watched a 1973 Italian horror movie in which a cat kills man who totally deserved it and I have no regrets😹

Follow @sophia if you dont. One of my oldest mufos and one of the best, most well-rounded posters on the fediverse.

I have headphones on in my home because my roommate came out of his room to nap on the couch and he’s a loud sleeper. He then proceeded to scream in his sleep, wake up a few minutes later, and make me take my headphones off to listen to his weird dream. I’m a mere mortal. I can only bear so much.

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The Sixth Sense is just the tip of the iceberg. Bruce Willis has been dead the whole time in every movie he's in

By "pouring one out" i mean masturbating but sadly

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There’s a character named Mueller in this movie and I apparently can’t hear anything similar to that name without reflexively wanting to mute it.

Lorelei is home and purring❤️ also investigating every aspect of the house to make sure no changes have been made without her approval😸

Update: the Turkish soccer guy is Russian and I think he might want to see my boobs. No confirmation, that’s just the vibe.

There are 2 types of scabs. The kind you pick at and the kind you picket.

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I get my baby kitty princess back from her inpatient hyperthyroidism treatment today!!

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what if god was one of us. just a cop like one of us. just a class traitor on the bus

Why does the mall not simply eat the blart, which is smaller

I’m so sleepy and I just keep thinking *I love you, awake girl*

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