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well shit.. the bank allowed an overdraft to cover our insurance so there's less fees but the internet is gonna charge in a few days and we're in the negative now so that's gonna be all fees and fines

i hate doing these but can we get another round of boosts on this so maybe we can get some help in not getting completely murdered by this or not fall so horribly behind?

:blobheart: 🖤❤️ 😨 😨 ❤️🖤 :blobheart:

anything helps$luxotek

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can't wait for suicide prime so she can kill me too

accidentally stayed up till 5am watching this futureman show

it's dumb as fuck but fun watching these two dumbass video game characters from the future come to life and try to navigate life and a mission in current times/1969

i think i just needed easy to follow fun nonsense tv to watch while my life fell apart around me and that pretty much fit the bill without being insultingly stupid or worse, tryhard fake smart technobabble shit that is just bad writing wrapped up in big words

so they called and said the car was ready
so we paid for it but it wasn't actually fixed
now i have no idea how much more it's gonna cost to actually fix it
at this point so much has overdrawn our account that all the car shit, cabs/ubers, overdraft/nsf fees, late fees, and everything else now is so much that when our spring check does actually deposit we've lost almost an entire months of rent out of it and it was already showing up ~2k short

i'm at a fucking loss on what to do now
so fucked


so the slutty annoying dolphin named after a coca cola water bottle in bojack horseman is based on an actual annoying person that's actually named after a water bottle?

welp.. this is a new level of being an old for me

can i just go back to not knowing the last three years of internet memes old please?

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heyyooooo i wanna dieeeeee

my life is shiiiit and somehow keeps finding ways to get wooooorse
weeee yaaa
iiiii wanna diiiiiie petition to force nickelodeon to make a spin-off movie that's the seagulls from the last spongebob movie

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cars done - 375$ we don't have

between that and everything that's already overdrawn us and all the fucking rides everywhere for school we're so fucked

like holy shit i dunno what else to do
if you guys can boost or help?
anything helps at this point


stew.. i've said it so many times in my head it stopped being a real word
like way quicker than you'd think too

but other than lettuce.. what would you put in a salad that isn't found in a stew.. and is lettuce even something you wouldn't put in a stew? i know you can put cabbage in stew but can you do lettuce?
not even a fucking word

why aren't we calling blank memes a meme font?

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I made a meme. I created .
This is OC do not steal please. I didn’t steal this.

coming to in a cab on the way home only to realize you were getting fucked up at home to start

ended up taking my morning dose of pain meds late and never recovered from it - ended up doubling my night dose and now i'm in that weird everything is confusing and slightly agitating place and i'm having a hard time following movies or ever short toots but at least the pains gone down some
also ended up trimming my nails way way down even though i wanted to grow them out and do them nice and goth pretty - they were nearly there but i keep mangling my wounds and it's too hard to work screens

think i might be the only person in history that busted a tooth off on ice cream - at least i only swallowed half of it..

so glad to be so healthy coming into my autumn years.. cresting that hill in style

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