the pee pee who flew over the poo poo's nest

that movie was like having a stroke in slow motion

7 story arcs till i stopped counting and none had any kind of resolution cause none of the characters or relationships were flushed out at all

it was like watching 7 yr olds suss out they're adults out loud to each other using dialog that no human adult or 7 yr old would ever speak

so apparently you can use the thingy that tells you where you b-day is in pi to find this too. it just formats like april 20th '69 when ti comes back

i know there's at least one 42069.. or was it a 69420.. in pi

but it's killing me for some reason to know know what digit it's at.. i'd assume as long as it runs theres prolly more than one but whatever

any one know off hand? or am i gonna have to use the internet to find out like some kind of fully grown adult person capable of functioning

anyone have a script - powershell or cmd - or even a small app that can reset or power down/up specific usb ports in win10 ?

would even accept something that runs in the linux subsystem if need be - not even sure that can directly address that kinda shit since i barely fuck with it on win

also really need a window script that looks thru an entire tree for a directory name and moves the contents up one level in bulk - apparently i'm too rusty to make the ones i try to write work

zip zap zorp and we'll be swimming in sauce

I think at this point, the next time I choke on my own spit I'm just gonna accept that I just drown myself and let it happen and just die

should be any minute now since I'm an idiot of titanic proportions and can't manage my own body processes in any kind of reliable manner for more than a few minutes at a time which is illustrated by more and more of my dad noises becoming involuntary and a product of merely trying to survive some normal bodily function I've managed to fuck up yet again

trying to fight my impending eviction in a week at the same time as having to rewatch cartoon episodes cause I wasn't able to follow the plot.. of a cartoon..

this is prolly fine and in no way going to end badly

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parental controls but it's children's controls and it blocks fox news and qvc

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@Luxotek you can take my early bird dinner discount from my cold dead hands

change dot org petition to lower the senior citizen age just cause I'm already tired of waiting for my AARP card to start my career as a senior citizen super villain

Get Off My Lawn Man versus Those Damn Kids

you think anyones ever blown their nose so hard a booger shot out their ear

gonna single handedly revitalize my local mall by finally opening my store Pickles and Wigs

with them giving you 7 years free rent for for a penny, how could this go wrong

unless of course those corporate super store scum fuckers from Wigs and Pickles opens up next door

was innocently scribbling doodles on the can, as you do, and ended up taking a dump so bad I was speaking in tongues just trying to survive it
next thing I know I've shit out a full grown grey haired woman who's telling me I've accidentally summoned a demon and the wife and I spend the next 4 hours chasing her around the apartment trying to murder her back into the toilet

so anyway.. I ended up ordering a fancy new rgb led gamer plunger with a built-in bluetooth speaker off wish

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gonna become one of those people that take onion and satire articles seriously. but not as a bit..
but then I'm gonna take them waaay too seriously.. but as a bit..on top of the non-bit of believing all of them

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