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If you don't need all your Biden Bucks - we're over $4000 behind on rent, $800 behind on power, and still don't have enough to move when the eviction continues in 17 days or so.

So if you're feeling helpful, we need all the help we can get paying all this shit back and hiring folks to make up for my feet/heart not working right anymore

Please boost?$luxotek

trying to distract myself from the anxiety (read: add another level of frustration on top of packing and fixing my down servers and other shit) i decided to finally load the spool of tpu i've been holding on to for a while now

actually got a damn fine calibration cube on the first try - a little bit of ringing or whatever it's called on the x but that belts been loose for a while.

now to waste time finding shit that prints in tpu that might be mildly useful around the house

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the wife asked to watch all the mortal kombat movies
the first one has so much shit thats badly lit and looks like cgi even though it's not that we spent the entire movie listing off wrong answers of whats cgi

dreads? real - dude? cgi
every single candle
all their teeth
her ponytail
subzero was cgi but the motion cap actor actually learned how to shoot ice for real
most of the magic? real cause they ran out of money on cgi teeth and candles
2 real bats, rest cgi
5 henchmen, rest cgi

having the anxiety attack where i'm kinda sweaty but shivering hard like i've got hypothermia
hate these cause i can't type well during, it's distracting as fuck, and my chest and side muscles are all achy after from the tension

ha ha Ha!

I will pay you 10 million dollars for 10 million dollars in counterfeit bills

ha ha Ha!


lol pentagon scientists made a microchip that detect covid before symptoms
when placed under the skin

this is going to go well I'm sure cause no one is at all paranoid about microchipping humans
not a single concern or wild theory about that shit at all..
specially not from the govt

felt like shit all day. like more than the normal shitty
plus it didn't fit in the bin like I wanted so now I have to pack it twice and see if I can get it all in there and then be mad it's too heavy
my house is embarrassingly filthy so I'm too ashamed to even hire someone to help clean and pack.. looks like an episode of borders so much I've broken down crying in shame

well fuck

while trying to stress test this msata drive to see if I can use it in the server I learned that the usb to sata adapter locks up
which explains why I had so many problems in other projects like my mastodon pi cluster where the drive kept disappearing
wonder how much good shit I've thrown out cause of this fucking thing.. fuck

hope they figure out how to continue archer now that jessica walters passed

I mean trailer park boys just used left over sound bites to story line lahey out but I don't think they'll ever be able to go back to live action after losing the main protagonist... even so.. it's just not the same without him even animated

but ms archer was pivotal to every storyline and character development arc..
if they replace her with some random surprise overbearing boss it'll likely tank the show

robbing a craft store with a glue gun set to high heat

ever blew your nose and get a booger out that's so big you dunno how it fit but you feel like you've lost weight? like your lifes changed now that that 4 pounds of nose goblin is weighing down the trash and not your brain? like the world smells bright and shiney and new now that youve expelled a half a yard of nose nugget that's not pushing your eye out of your skull anymore?

horror movie:

jesus uses his carpentry skills to help lepers by crafting them the finest prosthetic limbs from the finest woods till he goes to far and turns one into an armoire part by part
but now he has a taste for it and now no leper or roman is safe...

weird science reboot:

they just jack it to porn hub all weekend and chet goes to prison for.. being chet

luxotek@Dystopia:~$ sudo apt install willtolive_2.3-1arch4.7
Reading package lists... Done
Building dependency tree
Reading state information... Done
E: Unable to locate package willtolive_2.3-1arch4.7


starting a patreon where you can sponser the creation of personal misery

watching this dude fix cow feet is by far the weirdest rabbit hole I've fallen down on youtube
bit he's got a beautiful accent and cute to boot sooo.. plus I'm 'learning'
it's just as gross as the other shit I've been watching today but just another kind of gross

I should be packing and cleaning but..

made the mistake of looking up mango worms.. wife isn't hanging out in here today so her weird small holes patterns thing phobia isn't gonna be triggered. but dudes not wearing gloves as he treats these dogs and my germaphobia is

like cyst/pimple vids on overdrive but still not as bad as when I accidentally looked up fournier's gangrene..

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