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i have a reasonable expectation that, even though my posts are marked public to other mastodon users that have chosen to be federated with, that my posts and media are not going to leave mastodon or be indexed or made available externally from mastodon without my express written consent

participation in federation does not imply opt-in to being included in any scraping, research, or any other means of making my posts searchable or available to any institution outside of mastodon

fucking slept all day
In a weird lucid state from being way late on my meds
don't like it
not one bit

gonna start a fight club for introverts.

first rule of introvert fight club: always be napping
second rule of introvert fight club: it's really nap club
third rule of nap club: you can come over to nap but no fighting
forth rule of nap club: movies and snacks are allowed between naps
fifth rule of na

planes trains and automobiles reboot - everything's the same except it's takes place in the og star wars trilogy universe and steve martins trying to get home in time for life day

maybe john candy is a wookie or a mawg again but kinda feeling that's too on the nose and too far to let the rest land right still

exhausted but too angry at an imaginary convo to sleep

i have a mephisto walz song stuck in my head but i can't go listen to it to get it out cause i'll end up listening to like two of their albums and giving myself a worse sad and the skin around my eyes is raw enough as it is already

jesus - whatever cdn tumblrs new handlers moved it too suuuucks

so slow to load anything now

something's off

something doesn't feel right

if i've learned anything in my 45 years on this planet, it's that all those cicadas on the trees outside ebbing and intensifying so loud you can't hear anything else means there's for sure a horror movie going on out there

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@Luxotek Hank recoiled. Gone were the doilies, the fresh pink flowers, all the cheery little bits and bobs he remembered so fondly from the cottage. The floor was drenched completely in blood, some of it bubbling ominously, a foul stench perverting the air and roiling his stomach. Arms, legs, and other limbs, too mutilated to recognize, were strewn wildly about, and the haulage -- in all his years running black ops for the CIA, and all the nightmares since, he'd never once seen so much haulage.

"My God, Mrs. Dixon," he whispered hoarsely, backing away, a shudder running the length of his spine. "What have you *done?*"


this word, at first glance, looks like it's something you'd find in the viscera on the floor in a hallway in a horror movie or game or something

I don't want to be Elon musk rich... I just wanna be elons hair line magically un-recedes rich

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the only reason this is a hot take is cause summer suuuuucks

i might be biased cause i've been stuck in the desert most of my life but winter is where its at

and it's gonna stay a labradoodle until you at least try to frame and sell some of them to become a labraartist

holy shit
how is it fucking 2020 and I still can't adjust scrolling speed on the fly
fuck even a hot keyed profile switch or something would be acceptable
I shouldn't have to dig thru 5-10 screens to change from 6 lines back to 1

modern os my ass.. so much dumb shit still stuck in 92
even more stuck 00

the wife just sleep farted so bad the stink woke her up and she yelled at me for eating ice cream

(for reference I'm kinda lactose intolerant in that it gives me horrid gas)

the elastic in my waistband isn't sewn in and it's now all twisted up in there and making my life unlivable

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