@Luxotek can't believe nintendoe renamed my boy TeeWee to Tetronimo #6

@Luxotek @applebaps Who does it better? A band named Smashmouth, or one Smashboy?

@applebaps @vertigo

omg i had almost forgotten about the egg harassment for charity thing

smashboy would eat the eggs though - no questions - no hesitation - cause smashboy is the best smashboy there can be

@Luxotek @vertigo put the eggs in your smash mouth lol

and yeah the egg thing was where i decided guy fieri and smash mouth mans were actually wholesome and good, they responded very well to the whole thing even though it was so weird

@applebaps @vertigo
fucking weird twitter was something so much more weird and beautiful then

@Luxotek @vertigo times were simpler before we all realized our neighbors were 100% nazis

@applebaps @vertigo yeah twitter was still the wild wild west and you didn't get the ban hammer for telling horrid people to go fuck themselves a 100 times a day then
but iirc 2008-2009 twitter really didn't have so much horrible hellsite in it yet - or maybe i was just sheltered and/or naive about it cause all i really remember is using it as a chat engine with my friends and having to deal with 100's of the terrible fucking fans of my band

@Luxotek @vertigo i feel like the 2016 election made the world a measurably worse place immediately by validating nazis and misogynists and assholes

we IMMEDIATELY entered a period of strong backlash, just like the 80s all over again

very fucking frustrating. it made the internet go to shit real quick but it also made everything else go to shit as well

though really, that was just the breaking point. we've been headed here ever since g*merg*te

@Luxotek @vertigo people even DRIVE worse. it's like society collectively decided "well, if the rules don't apply for that guy, then i have a license to do whatever the fuck i want all the time too" like immediately the entire social contract just dissolved

@applebaps @vertigo

just right out the window with most civility and shit in a race to see how low the bar can get moved

@Luxotek @vertigo in a way, the sheer speed of the dissolution reflects how vapid and empty our culture had become since 2001, how fragile our national sense of self was, and all that lurking bubbling hatred and xenophobia just came flying out

history kinda goes back and forth like this, progression and backlash, and frankly it's not going to permanently improve until we improve our education system and people understand history and logic. both things that won't happen under capitalism

@Luxotek @vertigo since capitalism NEEDS an ignorant hateful underclass in order to function, our education system is set up to provide that underclass in a neat little package, complete with debt slavery

it's fucking disgusting

at this point i just kind of hope that we're actually finally maybe reaching a breaking point where we can overhaul things dramatically before we all get sucked back into the mainstream and appropriated to serve the machine

@applebaps @vertigo

well.. the education system isn't going to improve cause if you keep the people stupid they can't over throw you and they absolutely need it that way for the system to keep being the way it is - you're absolutely right imo

i dunno - it seems like the only way out is going to need a full wipe and reload
i dunno if it's going to get heinous enough to cause a reset in my lifetime or my daughters without it coming to annihilation first

@Luxotek @vertigo i'm torn between wanting to see the collapse happen right now, and wanting to get out there and organize and educate people more and form support networks around for when it eventually does happen

like, the question isn't "if" but "when", and it's hard to tell how the timing of it all is going to play out, which makes planning tough

@applebaps @vertigo

holy shit i wish it had happened 10 years ago when i was healthy enough to have enjoyed the wasteland

@Luxotek @vertigo i feel like if it had happened 10 years ago, we may not have learned our lesson from it tbh

i think things needed to get as bad as they are, so that people finally wake up. it'll probably need to get a little bit worse, actually

@applebaps @vertigo

to be honest - i hope it does come to complete annihilation cause our species as a whole is irredeemable at this point and just too disgusting to be allowed to continue to exist
the bad in us has so out weighed what little good is left
we are a blight on the universe in our current iteration

@Luxotek @vertigo idk if i'm quite there yet lol. i've been there in the past but it's hard for me to say "fuck it, kill us all" when i do see examples of good people, smarter people, compassionate people just trying their best to get by

the majority of our species absolutely wastes our potential, squanders every cubic inch of that prefrontal cortex. and i don't know if there's a "critical mass" of people where i'd say "okay wipe us out". like... 95%? 98%?

i still have hope i guess

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@applebaps @vertigo

i think you've kinda nailed it really

everything since 2016 has truly been the worst that i can remember and i was a teen in the 80's and remember 70's fashion and furniture
it's only been 3 years and i honestly think we might be close to out doing the aids epidemic in how horrid things are by leaps and bounds
i've legitimately cried out of guilt of having a kid and seeing what kind of world she's going to inherit from my parents generation

@Luxotek @vertigo yeah it's legitimately just about the worst america has ever been right now, in every respect

by basically every measure of societal happiness and stability, we're failing HARD and it's happening really fast

@Luxotek these aren't their names!!!! their names are jay and elle, ess, zed, tee, o, and ai!!!

@Luxotek do we need to play tetris again to teach what's it about?

@geotrill yeah it's a fake but it's still fun to think they have names and they're this redonkulous

@Luxotek I've watched the tetris championships and I've never seen those names. I've seen the names L, J, S, Z, O and I

@loke yeah it's a fake but it's still fun to think they have names and they're this redonkulous

@Luxotek That makes me want ro read the rest of the pages. 🙂

@loke i came across this on tumblr - and that was a repost of someone's twitter post who made the fake who immediately got called out by people who still had the original nintendo manual

i think the first time i played tetris was on an old 286 pc we had and i'm not even sure it had a manual with it - just a 5 1/4" disk in a clear plastic with a pic for 5.99 from the supermarket in the 80's i think

@Luxotek our lord and savior HERO, may he bring the awaited TETRIS, foretold by those since passed

@Luxotek this completely re-engineered my entire brain, thank you

@Luxotek it is a fake that i have chosen to accept as my truth, hence the re-engineering. all hail the Cleveland Z

@binchicken LOL


yeah this is way funner than the truth for sure

@Luxotek Suddenly, I'm trying to remember the lyrics to "I need a hero."

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