why does it feel like at the end of the year we'll get a rated r version of detective pikapool

like everyone else has just said fuck it why bother.. what makes nintendo special


i rest my case.. no one gives a shit anymore - it might only be 98 cents but some asshole went 'fuck it.. here's a bunch of money to write, print this book on paper, and then ship it to stores and shit'

@Luxotek Very likely it'sd a print-on-demand book. Those can be offered on paper without actually having to pay anything until someone orders it.

If you find a way to flood the market with useless books with only barely literate titles, then you are bound to make some amount of money just by chance when someone orders to wrong book.

@loke why you trying to unfunny my bad joke with some sort of explanation?

@Luxotek I've always considered myself good at detecting sarcarsm, even online. I'm actually disappointed I failed this time.

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