have a few things I want to print.. but the wife accidentally ordered 2kg of the petg I've been meaning to try.. so I'm waiting on that to show up.. clear for house shit and orange for toys and Halloween stuff
all I have left is about 300g of the incredibly shitty green I won in a giveaway last year and some black abs I've never been able to successfully print anything using.. even after dozens of tweaks trying to find the right heated plate and cooling combos..

first attempt at printing with the clear petg

have a feeling i'll have to make some tweaks as the first few layers look... weird

probably shouldn't have picked a 3 hour print for the first one
worse is i slowed the printer way down to just make sure i get a clean print the first go round so the suspense to see how it does is going to be forever


definitely needed some tweaking - must not have had the heat/cooling right cause the adhesion was terrible on the first print - tore my deck tape getting off though
spent 3 hours trying to get the backing off the new deck plate sticker (no joke. numb fingers no finger prints = 3 hours) and then couldn't get the damn thing to lay flat.. finally got one to stick and it had bubbles but after all the trouble it was to get on fuck it

got a decent print today - trying some more tweaks though

ugh i can hear the filament slipping in the feeder - retraction set too fast or too high or something - this petg is stringy as fuck though

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