stumbled across an old computer tv show from when the first pentium came out

my fav so far is the dude so proud of himself and amused that they had to put a fan "right on the cooling fins of the cpu! can you imagine?!?"
everyone sounds smug af that they're using the most current lingo - it's a BOX and that's what us people in the know are calling it now you dolt - its no wonder it didn't take long for people to start hating computer nerds and the IT dept

there's so much LOL to unpack here

the high points so far:

every computer term is in the spoken form of italics for that extra street cred and smugness

"RISC will never be a threat"

80 bucks for a movie as a windows compatible exe on 2 cdroms - Its A Wonderful Life how you've never seen it before!!! jittery and blocky from mpeg compression artifacts

ONLY 300$ EACH to run word/excel on unix, sun sparcs, or sgi using the included hardware adapter to rehost the code - down from over 1000/each - neither sold by MS

'don't copy that floppy' ads

microprose and compuserve are still around

it's still gateway2000

dell is barely a footnote on market share

video looks like anyone under ~35 in the industry still are excited, happy, and have a soul but it's clear that's ending soon with everyone over that in the video already looking and sounding tired and soul crushed like everyone in IT is now

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