Me, at a “comedy” film surrounded by people laughing at the “jokes”: 😶

Also me, when I see 1 (one) picture of a particularly fat seal: crying laughing every time I think about that fat seal

Gimme that rotund swimmy boy. Give the swimmy boy a fish god dangit



i sent this pic to my wife with the comment:

milks gone bad
how do you know?
opened the door and it threw a snake at me

and then laughed at it so hard for ten minutes straight i dislocated a rib and woke up my daughter from across the house

@Luxotek I’ve woken my wife up shaking with laughter in bed at this picture of a seal.


it's always something that catches you off guard to illicit real actual laughter
like 1000's of good memes go by and all they get at most is that nostril exhale that denotes the hardest ROFLCOPTER you can give

then there's just that one that's so stupid you realize how out of shape you are cause you're sweating from laughing so hard

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