🚨 No, Jorts is not on 3.0. I fucked up over the holidays and didn't get the updates to go through. That being said, at least one instance that theoretically shouldn't see us, seems to be able to see us. i'll try to update us this weekend, if i can get my shit together 🚨

@killeveryhetero authorized fetch is only required for two things in federation to work:

boosts of posts your instance hasn't seen yet
followers-only posts not showing up as DMs

other than that, old Mastodon should continue to work

@ben nonetheless, jorts has needed a reinstall for a looong time

i lost permissions in ruby to update my own fucking code somehow

@killeveryhetero @ben

I ran into this problem and the .profile was missing from the user I was logged into.. roots .profile is wrong and user mastodons .profile was missing so all the stuff to run Ruby and most of the update crap wasn't there and it gave permission errors
to guess I'd say you're either not sudoed into the mastodon user or the .profile is missing or wrong in the home directory

@Luxotek @ben it's all five thousand times more complicated because of stupid fucking docker

i'm just going to reinstall the whole thing, without docker, as soon as i find the energy and make sure i know how to do that while keeping our data intact

@killeveryhetero @ben

this is the one when i migrated from my raspbery pi installation to a vm and then to glitch-soc


@Luxotek @ben as usual with every single guide, i'm not sure how well this applies to an instance running docker

docker is 100% what screwed my chances of truly understanding wtf i'm doing at any point during this

@killeveryhetero @ben

the key parts are just the command dumping the DB in a way it can be re-imported and copying your env.production from the running docker - then you can just delete it since you're not using your /live/system directory for media being that's it's on wasabi
no more docker after two commands

that just leaves it to a new install ignoring docker completely and should be fairly straight forward

@Luxotek @ben excited to try and reimplement the jorts.horse background image i tried to put on jorts (when i accidentally broke everything forever) 1 week after reinstalling the server and somehow discovering new and exciting ways to fuck everything up


@killeveryhetero @ben

i can't wait to be locked out of shitposting again by that fucking jorts elk

@killeveryhetero @ben

hell yeah i saved it - it was momentous moment in mastodon history (like the implosion of bofa.lol)

and a great pic

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