reading landlords getting torn to shreds after crying about their tenants going on rent strikes is unbelievably satisfying

them freaking out about getting fed back the same bullshit lines they've been using for years is the tastiest tears in the threads

learn 2 code
shouldn't have had all that starbucks and avocado toast
shoulda had a rainy day fund/savings/etc
have you tried getting a real job

waaa i don't wanna dip into my retirement

get fucked leeches

the airbnb freak out is just as satisfying too

one dudes fucked cause he owes 50k in rent cause he rented and decorated like 20+ places and then illegally put them up on airbnb for a shit ton and now he's been exposed to all the landlords leases he violated from subletting the places and they are all pissed he hid that from them

so many youtube rants now on how airbnb fucked them over for letting people cancel with not fees and no notices
screaming like children cause they dropped their lolly

my favs so far is

try something dignified like sex work

it's your own fault for not saving up enough - you have no one to blame but yourself for being so fiscally irresponsible - maybe cancel your netflix


[sigh] I hope somebody's broken it to them that if everyone viruses and/or starves to death they won't get any fucking money anyway.



Though now that I think about it, a bunch of struggling unemployed tenants presenting their whiny landlord with fake wills promising a non-existent postmortem payoff would be pretty fucking funny. Someone could send them down with mini-parachutes or remote-controlled mini-helicopters.


i know right?

it's literally in their best interest to leave everyone alone cause when this is all over ain't no one gonna have the money to rent a place anyway cause no one has a job anymore

you can eat a month or two of rent and late fees or potentially have the place empty for 6-18 months cause the rent was too high to start and now it's out you were a total piece of shit to your tenants when they were the most vulnerable

I'm a bit out of the loop. Why are landlords so despised in america?

@Luxotek I'm so hopeful that the airbnb freakout will drop property values in BCN. They've driven up the cost of living unbearably high for so many people

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