so if they pick one and the candidate running against fuckface dies.. what do they do

cause I mean.. they're gonna fuck over Sanders again and bidens slurring his words and can't read and doesn't look too good even uninfected.. so when uncle touchy dies from the Rona mid election.. do they delay it and start over or does Sanders just step in and it still happens in November? like what's the plan here
cause he's gonna die
soon too


the wife and I were praying and wishing that they'd all get it and perish
and then finding out that they've all been sharing a candy drawer and jelly bean jar that they keep digging thru after a couple of them tested positive was like fucking Xmas morning
there's a ton of gifts under my tree and the wrapping is just so pretty and now I can't wait to see which are mine and tear them to pieces to see what's inside


it's like every birthday wish you've ever made all coming true on the same day


like i'm not sure how this pic when i posted it originally didn't get a single boost.. but i suppose that's just cause it was me and most of the fediverse has me shadowbanned for various and probably legit reasons

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