i found this like a week ago on a chinese discount shopping website mixed in with kids toys... and i had to take a break for a while after staring at it for like two hours just speechless before i could post it anywhere

i mean...
is this.... like.. is there something i don't know about... is it like
this doesn't seem right but i mean.. like.. 4?

i think i need to go lay down again..


i'm sure you've seen this - but it came up again and it's the most accurate answer i've seen so far

44 years old and still learning some of the most important lessons in life

even at 40-44 this is still accurate as hell

specially the last two

watch this squirrel experience the last decade of my life

sparkling anxiety nihilist

still surprisingly accurate

finally got around to taking a bathroom selfie i liked

hope i did this right

best video line of 2020 so far

turn the phone off madison.. staahp

fuck it
why not
its 2020 and nothings real and everything's a lie anyway

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