for /r %i in ("files\*.*") do move %i %~pi..\

why is this giving me syntax errors and not moving the files up a directory

so far my mission to be sent back in time to defeat and save the fediverse from being shitposted into oblivion has been successful by merely preventing jorts from ever being updated again

the fediverse continues, able to post another day

12-9-18: never forget

snails were the most savage space alien to ever land on Earth, having conquered dozens of other galaxies with hundreds of planets before making a slight computation error upon landing concerning the size and speed requirements needed for their optimal performance here

the biggest scam about being an adult is you don't get to watch drunk teenagers hurt themselves in person with out there being some kind of creep factor you're introducing just by being in the area

ngl though - i miss watching drunk rednecks fall off fences and out trees and the backs of their trucks and jeeps and shit into mud or down a hill and the inevitable 2am drunk teen fist fights

and then i'm the asshole for having a mental illness and letting it slip for a moment or having a bad day so everyone mutes or blocks me and i end up with no friends and no one to talk too cause no matter how bad it gets i'm expected to suffer alone in silence cause anything more is inexcusable apparently

look - i found the perfect horrible shoe for that butt pouch pocket

assurance you're eventually gonna break that tablet in your pocket by falling on it

everything that's truly horrible in the universe comes in denim

still though.. butt pouch pocket upgrade 2020 please

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we need help - still? - again? i've lost count tbh
we lost our food stamps last month
the power fucked us out of 6 months of welfare power credit
we STILL have being throw out of our home looming over us and having to pay movers and deposits and shit

we don't have money for rent or bills or anything and the wife is supposed to be back in school next week

πŸ–€ 😫 πŸ–€

i'm so sick of losing so hard just from trying exist$luxotek

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night crewed so hard i ran straight into morning crew hours

is flat earth tiddly winks a thing?

a flat earth pog?

there's a joke in there somewhere but i just don't want to put in the effort to suss it out

this desk chair is moving too fast and i need a fucking seat belt

just had a fucking strong and weird deja reve of some weird ass mastodon drama kicking off

does any one on mastodon run a business with their 3d printer

any one have any suggestions on if this is a bad idea or hard or something or whatever?

anyone have any experience on being those print to order sites or listing their printer to be on one?

like i have that printrbot and i could fix it up if and update it if there was a chance i could make some money with it (i got it planning on making a vape mod idea but i turns up i can't use a design program to save my life)


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