fuck.. I just realized I haven't seen my 'jerk' shirt from Dan vs. in a long while...

loved that shirt. /sad

what sucks about living here is this isnt a real drug city. you can't be a real addict here cause the dealers all wanna be your buddy.. you can't get into a serious habit if you gotta spend an hour hanging out with the dude every time you score.
gimme a real drug city like Baltimore or Portland or NYC or even Seattle where you can get your skag thru a hole in the wall or an alley bucket from the 4th floor and they'd sooner spit on you than know your name
gimme back my flop house habit

I bet somewhere out there, an Indian dude has made the YouTube video 'how to make it look like an accident' and it's slowly racking up views

:birdsite: alc mention 

:birdsite: alc mention 

fot the love of god would someone put me out of my fucking misery already

i know there's alot of old 50's/60's cold war military/gov projects were done out there cause it's flat and miles and miles of nothing and some of that's out there - lots of warehousing stuff with serious concrete to take alot of weight sitting for periods and all i can think of is how much money the american people have sunk into weird pipe dreams and bizarre ideas to 'defeat the russians'
same as most of nevada/new mexico deserts
shit just shows up easier on the white salt



the stairs are what got me looking for more shit - just randomly zoomed way way in at a mark and boom.. underground bunker or something

the thunderdome is way insidious looking cause it's surrounded by a couple of stories of huge semi trailers so like even if you accidentally found it on foot/whatever you couldn't see what kinda shenanigans were going on

wish i had pinned some of it or screen shot it cause now i cant find most of it again
alot of the weirder shit is miles and miles south of i80 and you have to be way zoomed in for it to show up
there's alot of area around the bombing range that's obfuscated for obvious reasons
but like some of the shit has abandoned trailers near by that give away the scale and how much time and effort was put into it and then it's just abandoned out there cause any tracks or roads to it have been washed away


there's some bizarre shit out on the salt flats in utah
found stairs just leading down into nothing miles from nothing
tank graveyard with 100's of tanks and 100s of other military shit
bunch of old ww2 era looking planes lined up like they're being stored but in the middle of no where
some weird structures/clearings down to under the salt
a thunderdome arena thing

i know there's a bombing range out there but this is all shit no where near that or the mines or mills or factories

the mid-morning itchies.. also known as the I wasn't awake enough when I took my meds to bother with taking a benedryl with them itchies


what are you gonna change it into?

not snakes I hope.. so cliche

super troopers reboot - nothing changed except it's the trailer park boys in character (layhe is the captain - ricky is thorny - bubbles is rabbit - randy is farva - corey trevor and jacob are local cops) which no one acknowledges

i dunno what they're doing up at openwrt but apparently they added a feature that broke tons of routers and specifically my line softbricks from here on out

so my devices maintainer just flat out quit openwrt and my router just got retired and EOL'd for openwrt

which sucks cause it still has a pretty nasty bug where the 5g radio just seizes randomly and disappears till reboot so i've had a nightly reboot at 4am for a few years which breaks all my security cams - every night - yay

my fav part of tonight so far was while i was fixing the win10 firewall on my automation server (which would not fix) i noticed a device that should have had its static dhcp lease and when i added it, the router decided to expire every single lease effectively disconnecting 50-60 some devices from the network

so what i learned was in the last and final update for this router, duplicate ip checking on save is busted and it let me save a dupe and it broke dnsmasq in an interesting way


mine bounced in 88

i like to imagine it's just having a hard time panhandling the last 13 cents in the parking lot and as soon as it's got that pack in hand it'll be right home

i shoulda called this day a wash and gotten back in bed 8 hours ago when i couldn't get the weird goo feeling out of my eye for 20 minutes

my big dance move in highschool was doing the moonwalk.. forwards.. cause I'm an innovator

I dunno what the moonwalk was.. I've never seen it.. I walked around was my move shut up I'm not reading replies

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