Okay I might be posting about star trek too much seeing as my phone's predicted text just suggested 'quark's'

@Taweret this is the exact right amount of Star Trek posting.

@Taweret I saw it this morning and almost spat out my coffee.

@NestorSpankhno posting this to my workplace's Slack group immediately

@streetvalkyrie @NestorSpankhno Martok is the best just because of the way he pronounces the word warrior. Woy-ya! A Klingon Woy-ya!

@Taweret @NestorSpankhno
This right up there with the way everyone gasps and goes "the Dahar Master!" every damn time Kor walks into a room.

@NestorSpankhno @Taweret idk if it's the alcohol or just how good this post is but I think this has got to be one of the best posts I have seen on this site

@NestorSpankhno @Taweret this might be the most boosted/faved thing I've seen on jortshorse and if that isn't just the most mastodon thing

@Taweret @CJBurger @NestorSpankhno DS9 has gotten the recognition in the last decade that it should have gotten in the previous decade.

@robotcarsley @Taweret @CJBurger @NestorSpankhno I'm glad that Netflix/maybe just people streaming stuff in general has helped that
I do love how it works so well for that - In terms of having little and grand arcs, but was made at a time when networks probably just wanted something nice and easy people could tune into every now and then.

@sajan @Taweret @CJBurger @NestorSpankhno thus, Voyager. No arcs, no moral ambiguity. Designed to run in syndication in no particular order and never require more than cursory engagement.

@robotcarsley @Taweret @CJBurger @NestorSpankhno it had SO much potential. I enjoyed the ride, but at the end of it I felt a bit cheated. I began addressing all the things I thought would make it better and started writing an entire remake in my head, It's probably the closest I've come to becoming a YouTuber or something

@robotcarsley @sajan @Taweret @CJBurger @NestorSpankhno
Voyager serves well as comfort tv - something I can put on and sort of ignore, but it's familiar and that works to console me if I'm feeling crummy.

@caprimoon @robotcarsley @sajan @Taweret @CJBurger confession: other than the odd episode, I’ve never seen Voyager. Going to dive in once I finish this DS9 rewatch.

@caprimoon @robotcarsley @Taweret @CJBurger @NestorSpankhno agreed, creepymoon! I mean, I unashamedly love all the Star Treks (even, non-ironically, the animated series, which is pretty good once you get past the budget 70's character animation)
I think it is just the post-series satisfaction element. They started doing things well in the mid-later seasons, which also makes me think it's a shame Enterprise got cancelled as it was starting to find its ground

@CJBurger @Taweret lol I think the most boosts I’ve gotten for anything else was about 30, and this is more than 100 over that at this stage. And it’s a meme I stole from a Star Trek shitposting group on FB. It’s like being a one hit wonder but the hit is a cover.

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