One last bit of wholesomeness before I'm off to bed: my two little treasures Pushkin and Gorki 🐹🐹:blobheart:

drawing, not inktober because i'm lazy 

yo so how do I open my toots archive, I wanna see my amazing toots

The painting that I posted earlier technically has a slur in it so i have a love hate relationship with it


@doggy_omega my half-danish jewish ass is ALWAYS here for taking norse mythology and cool viking shit back from nazis

transition photos, pol and violence ment 

This is one of my favorite paintings as a kid
I saw it in a magazine once and it stuck with me for a while
It's so colorful and peaceful

Petition to stop calling them terf bangs and start calling them romulan bangs

Why does Jorts.Horse want to fuck Jeff. I am confuse

Damn! Just broke the "X days since Harry Potter Mention" Glass!

This will be a change in my content..... Quantity over Quality this time.......... Only High Grade Posts

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