When are those clowns in congress going to get their act together and solve the REAL issues? Making every city have a big sign like the one in Hollywood so we always know where we are without looking at maps?

@Skeletextman If I r talking about the US hlHouse, the answer is never. The Republicans have no interest in fixing the big issues. They deny that several of them exist. They want to grandstand for their fr right voters, cut taxes for the very rich & big companies that give them lists of money, and do their best to tewr down the Republic.

@ConanTheActuarian Yeah, they’re all in the pocket of the map industry and all of their insidious lobbyists!

@Skeletextman or make Hollywood paint a folksy mural on a brick wall in an alley downtown like everyone else does

that hillside shit is so 1940s

@Skeletextman most efficient way is to have Michael Bay come shoot a Bad Boys movie in your town and then leave the sign up like they did in Miami.

@bransonturner with all due respect, this issue is far too important to be handled by the private sector. This is a government responsibility.

@Skeletextman We don't need Congress for that! Just a lot of real estate developers starting new housing developments.

That would also solve housing crisis! #KeepTheGovernmentOutOfMyGiantPlacenameSigns

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