I literally thought everyone stood up to wipe 100% of the time.

@Laser You still should look i never said you shouldn’t look

@Laser i have to stand so my hand isn’t entering the toilet bowl

@root @evan yes! So yall just stand up with your pants down all "feels good man" junk out, reaching into your buttcrack? Wtf?

@Laser @evan just waiting for the #nolooking gang to start discussing how they can tell from the friction if they are clean or not.

@root @evan this is as crazy as saying you need a mirror or something, to me. A grownup.


@root @Laser @evan elle I have to ask why you have an image of a bathroom in a restaurant 15 minutes from my house. What the fuck, im shaking

@Timmy @Laser @evan hahahahaha omg that's hilarious, it just so happens to be one of the few toilets you can find online that you can see yourself in.

@root @Laser @evan the coworker who's desk is next to mine lives in Lisbon and I showed this to her and asked if she knew they had mirror toilets. Also told her not to read the rest of this thread

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