I'm reading a very bad listicle titled "20 habits that prevent you from being a millionaire" just to see how completely detached from reality it is and folks

Rent $1000
Utilities $250
Phone $130
Coffee $1200
Gym $500

Someone who is good at the economy help me budget this. My family is dying

@Timmy goddam, guess I better kick that $40/day coffee habit if I ever want to be a millionaire then.

@dirtbag_anarchist I simply continue drinking coffee to make sure I don't accidentally become a millionaire at some point

@Timmy quit coffee.... Nah just kidding but damn it's more than rent!! 🤣

@Timmy @Pixley "I made calendars an app! I'm rich now" "Here's why you aren't a millionaire"🤔

@Timmy "the calendar productivity tool Calendar" is so, so funny

@Pixley so, what do you do?

Ever heard of a little thing called Calendar?

@Pixley @Timmy it's a plausible price for a fancy cup of coffee in hong kong dollars
y'know if there was any particular reason to think he was referring to hong kong dollars

@BDA @Timmy I am desperately hoping this is the case, and not that this man consumes that coffee a jungle cat poops out every day of his life

@Timmy my brain cannot grasp how a cup of coffee could cost $40

@Timmy wow i stopped drinking coffee to save money but i didnt realize that i’m gonna be scrooge mcducking into a pool of golden coins!

@Timmy it's a cup of coffee, michael, how much could it cost,


I thought my local cafe was massively overpriced, but kept going anyway. I guess I just wasn't paying attention to inflation.

@Timmy I drink coffee constantly and I don’t think I even spend $40 per month on coffee

@Timmy The gym membership number looks close to what a monthly subscription would cost per year, so perhaps these are yearly numbers

@Gargron just at a glance it seems like finding a gym under $100/month in NYC seems pretty difficult so I'm not real sure what these numbers are supposed to be

I hope for a typo day/month.

It's either a typo or we bring the torchs.

@Timmy I searched for the title of the article, and it seems to be reused on multiple sites. It seems to be popular with sites that split listicles into one page per entry and fill the page with ads. The content is most definitely not worth any better treatment

Also, I'm curious, how much does the most fancy coffee cost in the fanciest of places? I've found myself in some mighty expensive establishments (usually on accident) and I don't recall seeing prices that crazy.

@loke coffee prices have a lot of downward pressure because of how available it is most places, so I have trouble imagining an espresso for more than $5 and a pour over couldn't cost much more than $7, but I could be proven wrong pretty easily

@Timmy ddg gives me this article:

Apparently the shop itself proudly presents its coffee as the world's most expensive at 75 USD. I mean, that's just 50% higher than the crazy price in the article. Seriously, the article must have made a typo and it's supposed to be 5? Come on, it has to be. It really cannot be true.

@Timmy the next paragraph is also something. I'm not entirely sure how you "check your company's credit card payments" but this just seems like spying on people? I assumed he had a job at a credit card company where he could do analytics like that, but he seems to work at a software firm making a calendar app so I can't work out what is going on with that

@Timmy It's of course entirely possible he is just making stuff up

@Timmy I am afraid you have killed me and my ghost is saying this


40$ a day on cofe

:cirno_for_reals: i think we might pay that a month for cofe

@Timmy i have heard moneyfolk stress that stream income and stream expenses are the things to watch out for. they don't really think much of lump sums (it's better to pay off someone in a briefcase of cash than to be stuck paying them royalties, etc)
@icedquinn @Timmy
It's the price one pays to be the coolest hipster on the block.
@mystik @Timmy extended famble worked at starbucks and told us how much of an overpriced scam it is.

i just shrug cause we've been making borderline gourmet cofe for years :blobcatshrug2:
@icedquinn @Timmy I think this person might think somebody is attempting an ascension of some sort.
@dhfir @Timmy i had cofe from a coffee shop and they charge you 5-7$ or some shit for that. the whole bag of ruta maya is only 10$ :blobcatpuffyfux:
@fluffy @Timmy @dhfir electric kettle, french press, water distiller.. couple hundred dollars in total. you're going to make it back quick by not paying a bag of cofe beans per day though :comfyglare:
@fluffy @Timmy @dhfir ~200 for new cofe gear (can probably buy used and clean it), this costs 29 shitty 7$ cofes. the cost of home cofe is then 1.43$ per french press (which is like .. 4 standard cups of cofe or two quinn mugs)
@icedquinn @Timmy @dhfir five dollars is a lot less than 200

if you want to propose an alternative, try buying instant coffee - it's like $5 for fifty coffees
@fluffy @Timmy @dhfir its five dollars x a month of cofes. literally don't drink cofes for one month and you can make your own fancy-ass cofe :cirno_for_reals:
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