There’s a 0% chance John Darnielle could release this song today

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The judge in Josh Homme/Brody Dalle’s custody battle is named what now?

the transphobe old atheist binch, racist too 

Holy shit dude, look at yourself

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the transphobe old atheist binch 

A cartoonist was on the scene to create this 100% accurate depiction of the incident

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the transphobe old atheist binch 

Life comes at you fast

Listening to talk about standardized tests and all I can think about is:

I don’t know how I went from watching the Jean Claude Van Damme show to wanting this Swiss toaster so bad, but here we are

The White House contact page got pronouns. The radical leftist Joe Biden is clearly destroying American

Ok the new Pokémon rules because instead of starting your Pokémon adventure you can just go to bed immediately instead


Actually bringing a lunch instead of eating vending machine garbage for once

selfie ev 

I can’t possibly get this all in frame without a mirror.

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Having to hard reset the toaster at work because it lost track of the slots’ up/down position. The future is fucking bad

This is my favorite part about Michigan politics. The only place in the country where people like this are a major voting block

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