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In Richmond, reminded of how much I hate this fucking town

I took YouTube down because I was tired of Pewdiepie

anyone else on Jorts Horse getting days old notifications?

I'm convinced that when I die, the hell I'm banished to will be mainly a Walmart

bumper sticker idea


I would genocide the whole white race for some fuckin curry goat right about now

I'm back, sort of. Instead of racking my stupid brain trying to figure out what's going to get me a lot of favs, I'll now be posting stream of consciousness style. That is to say, don't expect much. It's less of a stream and more of a drainage ditch.

good morning just checking in to let you know we're all fucked

my phone keeps telling me I should move more and I'm starting to wonder at what point will it just be like "hey bitch u die?"

An old album I really like a lot right now is Say Anything ...Is A Real Boy.

feeling like you don't belong anywhere is extremely shitty

Royalty is the hottest mix tape ever dropped change my mind

either day crew is too picky or my toots are bad. I choose to believe the former so I'll be night

vaping my own piss because it's sterile and I like the taste

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