A smarthome concept that wasn't absolute hell: the mid-80s Soviet SPHINX project, based on the idea that there would be a central, modular PC and appliances in the house like the TV would connect to it via the LAN. Everything was designed to be easily-expandable or pared-down as needed. It was purely conceptual but the props looked cool as hell.

"Modular" was a big thing in '80s-era Soviet design, in both concept designs like this and things like urban planning.Too bad that all was cut short, because they were doing some very interesting things that would be much more functional than the consumerist approaches.

The All-Union Scientific Research Institute of Technical Aesthetics produced some great concepts for modular components made out of recycled material, that snapped together to assemble things like kiosks and booths.

@Zero_Democracy i can see that they also had issues with making microwave controls intelligible 🙃

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