I say it every day: individualist libertarians may have a lot of overlapping politics with your form of leftism, but they will 100% go running into the arms of the right the minute you say something that activates the South Park regions of their brains.

They also love activism tourism. They love going to protests and being streamers. They love adventurism because most of them are white, either straight or respectable gay, and way more protected.

@Zero_Democracy South Park irony posioned the right, the west wing sincerity-posioned the dems, and chapo has done something to the left the results of which we'll probably be unpacking for years

@Dayglochainsaw I think the impact of Chapo tends to be massively overrate because of the way online behavior is perceived and how it's surfaced acts as a force-multiplier, but the West Wing possibly did more damage than South Park if you measure by systemic political impact.

@Zero_Democracy yea I'd agree with that. Honestly the most lasting effect of Chapo might just be that it bisected the left into online and non-online which... might be for the best tbh

@Dayglochainsaw I know a fair amount of anarchists who just casually listen to Chapo for current events stuff and ignore all their electoralism and bits, so I think the perception that there's a "Chapo" and "non-chapo" left is mostly just down to having watched too many Twitter and Reddit fights between the same few dozen people over an over.


Someone needs to run *Team America: World Police* through this filter, so we can better understand the phenomenon of celeb activists basically making fun of other celeb activists for 90 or so minutes... even though ostensibly both groups in this case would be anti-war. (It's tricky b/c ppl. like Parker & Stone would likely deny what they do is a form of activism, or agitprop. I feel like its close enough.)

@xenophora There's a reason South Park and the Daily Show are the prized property of the same network.


LOL. Cue James Baldwin's comments on how Hollywood milks both the cow and the bull and then peddles the results as ginger ale. :D

@Zero_Democracy I feel a little silly asking this but what are the ‘South Park regions of the brain’

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