The original Game Boy and the Color were technically inferior to pretty much every competitor, except for the fact that the Zilog was easy to program for and port things to, it had low power requirements, and it was indestructible. We measure technology in weird ways.

@Zero_Democracy those sound like literally the only important parts of a mobile console

@minus_zero The TL;DR: version is that the first-gen Game Boys used a modified version of a very common processor for embedded systems, audio gear, and a lot of other stuff. The series is low-power but incredibly common and very easy to work with.

@minus_zero (The specific one the Game Boy used was a sort of hybrid between that and the 8080, but had a lot of similarities in how it was programmed for.)

@Zero_Democracy I loved the hell out of mine, and then when I grew up and learned just how weak its hardware specs were, I'm kind of in awe of what the designers & coders of those games did with it.

@Zero_Democracy and Nintendo has always thought about hardware in a different way.

@Zero_Democracy that's what made it worth anything. the others were a pain to use for their intended purposes because of their power requirements.

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