My favorite thing is when cops get furious and do a sick-out or some other sort of soft strike expecting everyone to crawl back to them and beg, and everything is fine.

@Zero_Democracy meanwhile refuse collectors strike for a day and bring cities to their knees.

@Zero_Democracy the NYPD struck once a few years back and crime went /down/, bc of course it did. they are trying very hard to not say they want to strike now bc they're collectively shitting their pants that a guy got fired for doing a lynching

@Zero_Democracy you can tell that they believe their own bullshit because they think we're five minutes away from the Purge if they were to stop their extremely important work harassing the poor and minorities

@robotcarsley Their whole identities are wrapped up in the warrior cop blue line crap, and it's really incredible when they pull some shit expecting it to be true. Just completely disconnected from reality.

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