Extinction Rebellion is what happens when a bunch of jumped-up liberals use young radicals as cannon fodder to keep them from doing anything useful.

This happens a lot and it sucks. Don't trust people who tell you to get arrested for optics.


You are completely missing the point. You do realize that anthropogenic global warming is a real thing and that it is a serous global challenge, right?

So of course people are mobilizing to deal with this big problem. How about you? What are you doing to cut down your personal and national carbon footprint?

@hhardy01 @Zero_Democracy

oh look, another XR handwringer who thinks getting arrested will somehow magically end capitalist industrial production. how cute.

@hhardy01 That's really been working for me, think I'm gong to stick to that.



Disagreeing with an organisation's dodgy as fuck approach to protest doesn't automatically make us climate change deniers you absolute twat.

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