So much of economics is just the Ork tech from Warhammer 40K that only works because everyone furiously believes in it and will immediately disintegrate if that psychic gestalt is disrupted.

It's not rational, engineered mechanisms. It's just bullshit animated by mass beliefs and it's mostly used in the service of conflict anyway.


Futures trading is literally just algorithms shouting at each other until something very specific happens and then confirming the transaction.

Absolutely unjustified belief in all the chopped-up and obfuscated value created by debt is the only thing keeping vast swaths of the economy from imploding. We saw that with the mortgage catastrophe and it didn't stop being true.

@Zero_Democracy capitalism is absolutely dependant on war of many kinds. war is a means to create perpetual manufactured crises. housing booms and busts are also a product of the crisis machine. where ever poverty and misery exist, capitalists have looted the wealth of those people through private ownership, and thus theft, of their means of production.

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