Eat the Rich was dead-on with the idea that polls skew conservative because everyone besides financially-secure boomers won't answer unknown calls because of debt.

@Zero_Democracy boosting this so hard i am using it to generate thrust in a vacuum

@Zero_Democracy idk, this sounds like a theory that’s plausible-ish but also impossible to verify so i’m skeptical of giving it any explanatory power

@Zero_Democracy i was going to reply about my experience with hanging up on them as someone who isn't in debt

but then half the reason why i can't stand talking on the phone is because of trauma related to debt

@Zero_Democracy @DissidentKitty I noticed the other day a poll mentioned it only called residential landlines with white pages entries to stay legal for their lawyers’ reading of Do Not Call registry laws and other such requirements. Landlines in the white pages in 2019!

@Zero_Democracy I do not even know what Eat the Rich is in this context (a band? a play? a stand-up routine?) and I have yet to relate more viscerally to a toot in my life.

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