People really need to learn that affecting something irritating without either deliberate and well-executed uncanniness or clear satirical intent is just making others put up with something annoying.

We all agree that, say, liberals affecting Trump's jargon is just irritating meme-poisoning, yes? Colbert reading tweets while making a "plugged nose" voice is basically just watching a hack version of the real thing. It doesn't stop there, though.

If you're going to mock by impersonation, you have to do it in a way that isn't just asking that people put up with stuff they're already tired of. It's worth remembering, especially online where you could easily come off as just another obnoxious rando.

I make fun of ancaps and goosed-up individualist libertarians a lot but I'm not just pretending to be one, I think it's probably pretty clear that I'm shitposting when I do it, and I don't drag it to anyone's doorstep by *responding* that way. This isn't a big old supost or anything, I just think it's something someone should learn.

And not insignificantly, people use Schrodinger's irony to get away with shit online. A lot of stuff is a joke until it isn't, and a lot of the time it's half-true anyway. Your "ha ha just kidding amirite" is another person's plausible deniability.

Like... trust me here, I was on the SA forums even before I was eating the Twitter garbage, and I live in the land of awful liberals, I am an anthropoligist of this at this point.

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