A huge part of destroying public libraries has always been about taking a huge resource away from poor people. It's wild that this isn't common perception.

My family wasn't rich, but my father was solidly middle-class and worked in tech, which meant my family had a PC and a modem when it was pretty unusual, and even I regularly walked down to the library to use internet-connected PCs. Now everyone who would have been in my place has an iPad so they're pulling the ladder up behind themselves.

Librarians traditionally have a skill set geared towards aiding access to knowledge across class as well, which of course is something that the usual villians want to torch to the ground.

@Zero_Democracy It's also one of the few places where both adults and children come independent of class. And perhaps the last public place where you're allowed to exist without an expectation of paying for the privilege.

@Zero_Democracy It is terribly sad. Libraries used to stick it to the man… now you can’t even get a library card without providing some government photo ID.

@Zero_Democracy The last place where you're not expected to go in with money. I don't think I appreciate libraries enough myself, but I should do in an era where human culture and knowledge is being exploited into business ideas or is being discarded otherwise. #freeculture

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