Annoying tech libertarians think that I'm an ardent luddite about the idea of a cashless society because I think the government cares what kind of cheeseburger I order, which is inane. I care because you can't use panhandling money in a McDonald's staffed by touchscreens connected to POS terminals that only accept cards or phone e-wallets.

A human with a cash register is always preferable because that way of doing things isn't bottlenecked through the need to have a bank account with a card or an activated, charged cell phone. Cashless, automated commerce is about cutting the poorest strata of society out, and instituting a relatively-high baseline of social legitimacy to even order off the dollar menu.

And tech industry shitheads KNOW this. Otherwise they'd be going in on schemes to make e-wallets something that poor people can use more easily, and taking a predatory skim off it. That'd be anethetical to their goals of turning cities into antiseptic social projects where undesirables just sort of conveniently disappear. It's hostile economic architecture.


I will end this with a commentary on Luddism: it's been reframed as reactionary technophobia because the option of unmaking a system or technology that's found to be anethetical to our wellbeing is a tool they don't want you to have in the box. When you cite post-9/11 political bullshit as being unnecessary and not a foundational part of our society, you are engaging in Luddism. As with that, so should you with a McDonald's staffed by glorified iPads that don't take cash.

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