moving a big slider taht says "Racism" on it and constantly looking back at the audience for approval like a contestant on the price is right

*configuring the backend of my game streaming software* Computer, I would like medium-strength slurs.

Fascinated to know how Intel's gamer AI determines "body shaming" levels.

@Zero_Democracy what the fuck am i lookng at is this some sort of parody

@PsyChuan Not as far as I can tell. It's a video posted to the Intel YouTube channel.

@Zero_Democracy this is just like

i mean like why

"lemme just switch my racial slurs on and we'll be good t go."

@Zero_Democracy the fuckin sliders. "Now I can tolerate a little bit of white nationalism, but I think there's an upper limit. Let's set it to filter Most and in a while we'll consider dropping it to Some"

@Zero_Democracy I wonder what it says about how jaded I am that based on this screenshot, I can't tell if this is a proposal for filtering on the mic-side or the speaker-side.

"Gamer moment mitigation as a service"

@trysdyn I think it's the server chat, for a match or a stream, which is my main problem with this. If you take the AI efficacy for granted (which you shouldn't but it's a concession,) it should be a moderation tool that bumps people off the channel or game and puts them in a review queue. It shouldn't just turn the thing into a South Park episode.

@Zero_Democracy Absolutely. This paints over the problem with a thin glossy coat. You know what the person is saying still. They still have a platform for their toxic behaviors and messages. You're just removing the words because you think it's ONLY the words themselves that are the problem. If anything this will empower people to be that brand of toxic more often because "Hey if people don't like it they can bleep me"

Typical corporate thinking, really.

And yeah I could write quite the treatise on trusting AI to do this sort of thing, but I think that's treaded ground :)

@trysdyn I've recorded entire podcast episodes about how little I trust AI nerds. And, yeah, my reaction was also, again if you take it functioning as intended for granted, it may actually make things *worse*. People will just say shit with the excuse that it's bleeped out, meanwhile everyone has this thing called "context clues," so the slur is still there.

@Zero_Democracy @trysdyn So they made an ~*~AI-POWERED~*~ word filter that people already routinely circumvent all the time by just shifting to different dogwhistles?

Imagine people actually paying through the nose for a "solution" that doesn't actually solve any of the problems

@Zero_Democracy my twitch chat contains no greater than 25% misogyny by law

@Zero_Democracy 'i would like SOME racism and xenophobia. don't go too overboard'

@Zero_Democracy after watching this- what problem does it solve? It should be a server side solution that gets people suspended for saying the n-word and not whatever the fuck this is
@Zero_Democracy and like I can imagine a big company wanting to fine tune how sensitive it is because of false positives, but having it be like: "we're putting gamers in control of how many slurs they hear" is like???
@Mae @Zero_Democracy i can just imagine the "lmao don't want to hear slurs? you must be poor, just buy a new CPU" or whatever

@Zero_Democracy how do you block “some” racism‽ Do they explain? Do they give examples?

@Zero_Democracy lmao I had heard intel had developed some kind of live chat filtering software and I thought "yeah okay that's not a bad thing" but I had no fucking idea it had sliders!

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