"I sexually identify as an attack helicopter" was her debut

could you fucking imagine the second work, the third? augh


@SuricrasiaOnline This shit was recently relitigated on Twitter, complete with that Neon Yang dipshit doing a big self-important not-apology and a bunch of trans people signing onto some ridiculous non-aggression treaty, and I was big mad for like a week.

@Zero_Democracy @SuricrasiaOnline I was listening to Emily vdW explaining what went on (she wrote the big Vox article with the interview and was on a podcast to discuss the background with a little more freedom and less editing) and I was fucking seething the entire way through about the result of the whole thing. Just red-hot angry.

@SuricrasiaOnline @Zero_Democracy EvdW was incredibly gentle and very careful throughout, it was the events she recounted that made me just go off the Angry Tangent.

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