didn't cw this for politics bc it's genuinely funny on its own

@ancient_catbus My "I Am Not a Drag Queen and Didn't Let a Dog Die" T-shirt has people asking a lot of questions already answered by my shirt.

@ancient_catbus @JessTheUnstill at this rate, if he says the sky is blue, I'm going to need a fact check

@JoscelynTransient you may be on to something, just checked outside and the sky is actually black.
@ancient_catbus @JessTheUnstill

@ancient_catbus thing is, if I apply that whole Doug Adams God promptly vanishes in a puff of logic logic to this, we know he lies, and he never said he WASN'T a drag queen, and that's just too obvious and omission for someone who blatantly lies, so, this actually might be true

@ancient_catbus well I now believe he killed a dog, and was an award winning drag performer.

@ancient_catbus First law: A George Santos may not harm a dog, or by inaction allow a dog to come to harm.
Second law: A George Santos must obey orders given to it by a dog unless those orders go against the First Law.
Third Law: A George Santos must protect its own political career unless doing so would violate the First or Second Law.

@ancient_catbus Considering his ambient level of mendacity it's slightly surprising he's not a #crypto #influencer in his spare time.

@ancient_catbus George. George. You're going about this all wrong. You should know nobody believes you by now. So what you should have done was said you *were* a drag queen and you *did* let that dog die, and then everyone would go "oh, he's lying again".

@ancient_catbus so based on his track history, he is a drag queen, and he did let the dog die?

@ancient_catbus @adrienne my i was not a drag queen and i didn’t let a dog die t-shirt has people asking a lot of questions already answered by my shirt

@ancient_catbus those two things are oddly specific for someone to claim to have not done
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